Food Choice Matters

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Grow & Tell® Program has a great goal — to help adults and children become better connected to the food they eat. The first step is understanding our food system. We explore where food comes from, including how vegetables and meats are raised and how food makes it to our tables. We want to help people discover how the foods they choose impact their health and the environment; because those choices make a difference. We’re committed to the ideals of farm-to-table and are excited to spread the word.

What is Farm-to-Table Eating?

The farm-to-table movement encourages people to choose meats and vegetables that are grown and raised responsibly. When you make informed food choices, it’s good for everyone:

  • You get to eat the freshest foods grown in season — so they taste best.
  • Farmers are supported in their efforts to raise vegetables and animals in a sustainable way.
  • Communities grow healthier and stronger as they are brought together by a common goal of conscious eating.
  • The world benefits from reduced energy usage and sustainable practices.

Your Food Starts Here

All food comes from somewhere. Fruits and vegetables usually come from a farm, where sunlight, water and nourishing nutrients coax seedlings from the soil or fruit from a tree. Farmers nurture the plants as they produce their crops, protecting them from pests and other threats. As soon as the vegetables or fruits mature, they are picked and packed to be brought to markets and grocery stores where you can buy them.

For meat, it starts on a ranch or farm, where animals are raised to maturity with proper food, water and care. The farmers work hard to protect and care for the animals as they grow. Once they are old enough, some are used as breeding stock, while others are harvested, packaged and sent to your local market.

Cows and goats that are used for milk are raised on dairy farms, where they are milked daily. That milk is then pasteurized and either sold as milk to drink, or turned into butter, cheese, yogurt or other dairy products.

Understanding the path your food takes from the farm to your table is important. It gives you the knowledge to make informed choices about what you eat and how it impacts our world.

See for Yourself.

Make your own container vegetable garden using old food tubs, gallon jugs or coffee cans. Remember to punch or drill holes in the bottom of your container to allow for draining. Overly damp soil can cause root rot. Water and tend your vegetables, then harvest your own crop in 6 to 8 weeks.

Smart Choices and You

Making smart choices about the food you eat can make you feel better and live healthier. Remember, fresh, whole foods provide the most nutrients — and the best flavor, too.

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, try to eat a variety of colors to be sure you’re getting the vitamins and minerals your body needs. And choose lean meats whenever possible for a good source of protein.

Take the New to You Challenge

Visit your local market and find one fruit or vegetable you’ve never tried before. You might just like it!

Getting Started

Growing your own vegetables is a great way to learn more about the food you eat and the power your choices can have on the world. Our Grow & Tell® Program encourages you to:

  • Explore your food choices and the impact they make
  • Learn how to help plants thrive and keep pests at bay
  • Plan a garden based on the foods you like
  • Recycle household materials as containers to grow vegetables in
  • Harvest crops and preserve them
  • Prepare foods in healthy ways that taste great

Spread the Word

When it comes to helping more people make informed food choices, you can have an impact. The Grow & Tell® Program makes it easy to spread the farm-to-table philosophy with your family, friends and community. You can start by learning first-hand what it takes to grow your own food. Then share your experience and the ideals of the Grow & Tell® Program on Facebook, Instagram or other social media sites with the hashtag #growandtell.

The future thanks you.